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Tala Solid Acacia Mandolin (Abalone Inlay) Model: M-2021


Our own house brand, The Tala Mandolin, has an interesting story, actually... Completely handmade in the old world tradition by expert craftsmen luthiers in Cebu Provence, the guitar and ukulele making capitol of The Philippines... Tala is a native Tagalog word that means bright star. 


While living in The Philippines for a time, I had the desire to get a dog, a puppy... I found the perfect one... and adopted her. She is a native Philippine breed that has has one brown eye... and one bright blue eye. I named her Tala... Bright Star. The Tala Mandolin brand is named for her.

Tala Solid Acacia Mandolin

    • 26 Inch Overall Length
    • Body Material: Solid Acacia
    • Body Finish: Half Matt, Open Pore
    • Body Length: 302.5mm
    • Upper Bout Width: 146mm
    • Lower Bout Width: 209mm
    • Arch Body Depth: 60mm
    • Rosette: Abalone Inlay
    • Binding: Ebony And Rope, Front And Back
    • Headstock: Proprietary Forward Tilting Solid Headstock With String Through At The Nut Design
    • Machine Head: Planetary Tuners
    • Nut Material: Bone
    • Nut Width: 35mm
    • Neck Material: Mahogany
    • Neck Design: Medium "V"
    • Neck Joint: Center Pillar And Round Sticker Supported
    • Fretboard Material: Madagascar Ebony
    • Fretboard Design: Cantilever Style "Floating", Radiused Fretboard
    • Fretboard Length: 19 Frets, 12 To The Body
    • Bridge Material: Madagascar Ebony
    • Saddle Material: Bone
    • Overall Scale Length: 405mm
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